Yoga classes and styles in Leuven

In the yoga studio of Adfysio in Kessel-Lo (Leuven) we offer different styles. To fully enjoy a yoga class, it is important to choose a style that suits your skill and expectations. Discover our extensive offer below.

Relax Yoga (Yin)


This yin yoga is a form of yoga in which you do not dynamically move from one attitude into the other. You stay in one position for a long time, so that you do not work on the muscles, but on the underlying connective tissue.
This form of yoga is popular with people who are a bit older and have rheumatism, fibromyalgia or chronic pain/fatigue.
In addition many athletes practice relax yoga to avoid injuries. Do you suffer from recurring neck and back complaints or tension headaches? Relax yoga can remedy these complaints or even make them disappear.
During these sessions we work on different mental energy channels and meridians to clear blockages. People who suffer from burnout, depression or feelings of stress benefit from this form of yoga.


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Short Break Lunch Yoga


Do you want to take a moment for yourself during your daily routine? Then the short break afternoon yoga is for you! During this half hour hatha yoga we start with a short meditation so you can connect again with yourself. We focus on tensions that build up mentally and physically during the day. Thanks to all kinds of exercises you can release these tensions. We end the lesson with some stretching and relaxation exercises, so you can get back to your normal routine in no time. In this class you will quickly experience the benefits of yoga. Ideal for everyone who wants to enjoy a short and healthy break during the day.


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Gentle Hatha Yoga


The perfect way to relax after a busy day.

This class is calmer and slower than the Dynamic Hatha Yoga. We take enough time to relax, stretch,… After a warm-up of body and mind, we start with a gentle flow, in which we give the muscles and the body some challenge and where energy can be released. We end with some relaxation exercises.

This is the perfect lesson to leave the stress and tension of the day behind and the ultimate form of self-care to find peace and come back home to yourself.


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Yogalates is a combination of yoga and pilates. Yoga and pilates poses alternate, giving you the benefits of both. In this lesson we will strengthen the core, train back and abdominal muscles, as well as increase the flexibility of our body. We always work our the breath, so that we make our body more powerful and flexible in a conscious way. This combination of yoga and pilates helps improve your posture.


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Intensive Yoga (Vinyasa)


Do you like a combination of strength, endurance and balance? Then this class is for you!

Vinyasa Yoga Flow is a dynamic and energetic class. We flow from one pose to another, so the pace is slightly higher than in a Hatha Yoga class. In this challenging class, your full attention is always on changing the poses. You build strength and warmth in the body, while you create peace in your head. The ideal combination to challenge yourself in a conscious way.


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Dynamic Yoga (Hatha)


Dynamic Hatha Yoga is a dynamic yoga class and can feel like a real work-out! In this Hatha Yoga class we work on a physical level, where we make the body stronger and more flexible. We do this in a conscious way by putting the continuous daily flow of thoughts on hold. This way, space is created to attentively work with body and mind, in the here and now.


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Morning Break Hatha Yoga


Admit it, you also like to get up in the morning calmly, don't you? In the Morning Break Hatha Yoga we work the nighttime tensions away and we gently wake up the body. No rush. We take enough time for ourselves and to build up the exercises. After a warming of body and mind, we start the exercises with a gentle flow. To conclude, we take our time to do a few dynamic exercises during the cool down.

After the gentle wake up yoga you can start your day calm and alert.


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Yin Yang Yoga


Balance: that's what this Yin Yang class is all about. We alternate calm, stable yin poses with more dynamic yang exercises.


Did you know that yin yoga works on the connective tissues, making our body more flexible? Yang yoga, on the other hand, works more on the muscles and on making our body stronger. In this class you will experience the perfect combination of strength and flexibility.
We bring our body into balance by strengthening it and making it more flexible.


We also look for that balance on a mental level. The yang exercises release a lot of energy, which makes us feel more vital. In a yin posture you train your concentration and you practice letting go of your thoughts. Enjoy the many benefits of this unique Yin Yang Yoga!


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Stretch at your desk


In this half hour of Stretch At Your Desk we do various yoga exercises, while sitting on your chair and standing behind your desk. You can do these exercises anywhere, whether you're working from home or not. All you need is a chair. No complicated, difficult exercises in this lesson. With a few simple instructions we are going to loosen our neck and shoulders. We focus on these parts of the body because often a lot of tension can be found here. Tensions can be built up by stress, but also by adopting the same position for a long time. So this Stretch At Your Desk is perfect to break up your day and integrate some exercise and stretching. After this half hour you can relax and quietly continue with your working day. You don't even need to change clothes!


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Women's Yoga (postnatal friendly)


Women's Yoga is a gentle yoga class in which we do exercises that are specifically aimed at the female body. On the one hand we work on strengthening the number of muscle groups such as the pelvic floor muscles and on strengthening the back and abdomen and on the other hand we also try to achieve a feeling of total relaxation. During this lesson you will learn to listen intuitively to your body and what it needs. We also do a number of relaxation exercises, so that you can find some peace and really focus on yourself. We always work together with the breath to connect mind and body.


In this lesson, we also create a safe and comfortable environment where women, of any age or stage of life, can feel comfortable.


This class is also 'postnatal friendly', which means that if you are still in the postnatal phase, this is an ideal way to get moving again. The teacher is also trained in postnatal yoga and will be able to give you the right cues to follow the class in a safe way. When you eventually want some more spice in a class and want to challenge yourself again, you can switch to another class in our offer, such as dynamic hatha yoga or pilates!

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prenatal yoga


Prenatal yoga classes are uniquely designed to support expectant mothers in their pregnancy. During the class we use breathing and specific body postures to maintain a healthy mind and body. You can expect breathing exercises, stretching and strengthening movements that will increase your resilience and prepare you both physically and mentally for labor and beyond. Restorative poses and guided relaxation allow you to slow down and relax. A perfect me-time to listen to yourself and keep your body and mind fit during this special period of your life.

As long as your doctor has given you the green light to stay physically active during pregnancy, prenatal yoga is an ideal activity for all expectant mothers. The classes are intended for all trimesters. No prior yoga experience is necessary – the classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of experience. A specialized yoga teacher will provide the necessary instructions and adjustments for both beginners and advanced practitioners.


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Yoga for Beginners


Not sure if yoga is for you? Find out in this lesson!


During this lesson we take our time to get to know the yoga postures. You will receive information about how the postures affect your body, learn breathing techniques, learn how to stand correctly in the posture, etc.


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Step 1:

Register via adfysio.clubplanner.be

Step 2:

Buy a turn card or a separate turn of your choice in our webshop

Step 3:

Go to Adfysio Planning and choose a lesson of your choice
Online event cards only give access to online classes, with a live event card you can only follow live classes

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View the overview of your bookings at "My Reservations". You can cancel up to 3 h in advance via My Reservations