Stress management & relaxation techniques

Workshop 'Stress management & relaxation techniques'


A workshop for those who want to deeply relax and learn healthy ways to deal with stress.
Teacher: Joni


Adfysio, Diestsesteenweg 178, Kessel-Lo


Saturday, October 22 from 13 pm to 14:30 pm.

Cost price?

€ 25.

Yoga for stress management


Do you sometimes suffer from stress? Do you often worry or are you looking for some peace in your daily life? Then this workshop is for you!


In this workshop you will learn to deal with stress in a healthy way. We teach you techniques to deal with stress that are also easily applicable in your daily life. Whether you often suffer from stress moments throughout the day or suffer from stress in general, you will find something to your liking in this workshop!


We will take the time together to release all stress and tension in body and mind through yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. The workshop itself is already a perfect self-care and anti-stress moment. In addition, we also explain the exercises and techniques well for you so that you can certainly get started with them after the workshop. We will also think carefully about what causes us stress, how we currently deal with it, and how we can possibly tackle this even better in the future.


You will leave the workshop feeling zen, relaxed and with a whole host of new anti-stress tips in your toolkit!


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This workshop does not replace a visit to a doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath or other specialist. We can only offer yoga postures that might help you in your daily life.