Increase your resistance

in the run up to autumn

Workshop: increase your resistance (in the run-up to autumn)


A workshop to mentally and physically strengthen your resistance with yoga postures in the run-up to autumn.
Teacher: Joni


Kessel-Lo sports complex (Hall B).


Saturday 17 September 13h-14h30.

Cost price?

€ 25.

Increase your resistance (in the run-up to autumn)


After the summer, our system has to adapt somewhat to the autumn and winter, both physically and mentally.


The leaves begin to fall. The days are getting shorter and colder…


After this yoga workshop 'increase your resistance' you will feel stronger, physically and mentally. You know which postures you can do at home, adapted to your body and your situation. And by 'stronger' we don't mean this time: actively working our muscles and sweating. During this workshop, we will strengthen our body and immune system in a different way, accessible to everyone.


After we have gently released our body, we remain in a lying or sitting position for at least 3 minutes on a mat, supported by yoga blocks, blankets and pillows. And don't worry, if you have (had) an injury somewhere or if you feel uncomfortable in a position, you give the teacher a sign and she will give you another option. Together we look for that posture that feels safe for you, but where you still feel a tension (stretch).


To conclude, experience a moment of relaxation with an optional mini head massage. Everyone is welcome.


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