Summer Yoga Detox

Summer Yoga Detox


A workshop in which we will detox our body during an extra long Yoga class with active yoga postures, after which we move on to softer yoga postures and a deep relaxation, so that we can let this cleansing of body and mind act on our system.


In Adfysio (Diestesteenweg 178, 3010 Kessel-Lo)


Saturday 20 August 13h-14h30

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Summer Yoga Detox


During this workshop or extra long yoga class we start with an active Vinyasa Yoga part in which we detoxify our body on the basis of yoga postures. In this way we stimulate our kidneys and our digestion, so that the waste products in our body can be removed better and faster and we clean our body from the inside!


Afterwards there is a soft and slow yoga part where we let this detox work on our body. After the active part of the lesson you will also notice that you can relax and let go better. Finally, we guide you to deep relaxation. 


Expect lots of sweating, letting go, twists and a deep working Savasana!

Everyone is welcome, although you will be able to follow more easily with the active part if you have already mastered the basics of yoga.


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