Summer Stretch & Relax Yin Yoga

Workshop 'Summer Stretch & Relax Yin Yoga'


A workshop in which we take extensive time to properly stretch and stretch our body in order to get back into our natural rhythm.


In Adfysio (Diestesteenweg 178, 3010 Kessel-Lo)


Tuesday, July 12, 20pm-21:30pm.

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Summer Stretch & Relax Yin Yoga


A workshop in which we will fully stretch and stretch our body during an extra long Yin Yoga class. We use different props (bolsters, yoga blocks, belts, blankets,…) to adapt the posture to the body. The class is slow and slow to get a deeper sense of relaxation and relaxation.


During the summer months we are often a bit out of our natural rhythm. We move more than throughout the year, or just less because there are so many other fun things to do.


In this XL class we take extensive time to properly stretch and stretch the body. We do everything slowly and in slow motion, giving our body time to adapt to the poses. Yin yoga is a form of yoga in which you do not dynamically move from one pose to another. On the other hand, you stay in one position for a long time, so that you consciously do not work on the muscles, but on the underlying connective tissue. This makes you feel a lot less stiff after class and, above all, very mobile.


During this class we work on different mental energy channels and meridians to release blockages and release tensions. The focus is on relaxation and relaxation. We take the time for a breathing exercise at the start of the lesson and conclude with a wonderful body scan. After the class you will feel smooth, flexible and completely relaxed.






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