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Find your movement, find your balance, find your strength.

What can you expect from Pilates


Pilates is a workout method that emphasizes deep muscles,
flexibility, balance, coordination and good posture. The technique
was developed during the First World War by the German inventor
Joseph Pilates. Pilates called his method Contrology because he
was convinced that his exercises use the mental faculties to
to control the muscles. The emphasis of the method is on the muscles, which
ensure that the body is in the correct balance and
support spine.
Pilates consists of a series of flowing exercises that are extremely
suitable to start exercising again after rehabilitation, an
injury or childbirth. The more difficult form (i.e. intermediate)
challenges you more and does require physical effort.
In summary, Pilates is an ideal mix between exertion, breathing and
stretching that will feel both challenging and relaxing on the physical
and mental level.
As osteopaths and rehabilitation experts, we often recommend Pilates as
sport, both curative and preventive.

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Discover the principles of Pilates



Breathing is integrated in all exercises and movements. In this way we maintain our focus and increase the oxygen supply. A targeted correct breathing technique helps to stretch the body and release tension.



Every movement goes from the inside (also called the Powerhouse) to the outside. All energy for the exercises comes from the power center and flows to other parts of the body. Most Pilates exercises are directly or indirectly aimed at strengthening this internal corset.



Concentration is the most important factor in the connection between body and mind. In all exercises we pay attention to the activity in the moment. After the lesson you will experience a sense of calm. Your head is empty and you are more in touch with your body.



Pilates requires complete control of your body and mind. We perform every movement accurately. This way we have full control over the executed movements. Did you know that learning to move from control gives you self-confidence?



All exercises during our session have a clear structure, form and optimal dynamics. It helps to reprogram incorrect movement patterns resulting in better posture, which also helps prevent injuries.

Smooth movements


The entire session consists of a flowing sequence of exercises. This way of moving increases the flexibility of joints and muscles while the body is trained to extend and move in a rhythm.

Pilates classes

Pilates for beginners


In this Pilates class, the exercises are explained step by step, with many instructions. The pace is adjusted to the participants and is built up according to your own progress. A lot of information is shared about why we do which attitude and what exactly we are working on. There is a lot of room for help and corrections. In addition, the basic principles of breathing and posture are explained in detail here. Not sure if Pilates is for you? Come give it a try in this beginners class!


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Pilates Open Level


Open level means everyone can participate in this lesson. We show and explain different variations. So you can choose how far you delve into the posture and with your body you can challenge yourself more or strengthen and deepen your basic posture. We always look for the balance between challenge and strengthening, with respect for your own body and limits.


There is certainly room for you if you are a more experienced Pilates practitioner. Our experienced instructors can easily give you more difficult options if needed. Pilates Intermediate practitioners are therefore certainly welcome in these Open Level classes!


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Pilates Intermediate


The intermediate level is for more advanced Pilates practitioners. The poses become more challenging and the pace is a bit faster. Of course everyone decides for themselves how far they want to deepen theirselves. Do you like a challenging workout and have you mastered the basic pilates poses? Then this class is for you!


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Gentle Pilates


In this Pilates class the pace is a bit slower, the movements are a bit calmer, and combined with conscious breathing. We focus on strengthening the joints and spine, as well as working on a healthy basic posture. Those who would like to strengthen their body in a calm and conscious way can do so in this lesson, with sufficient attention to their own limits and needs. This accessible lesson offers plenty of room for adjustments and corrections in the event of certain complaints, injuries or conditions of old age. It's also ideal for starting sports during or just after your rehabilitation.


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