Valérie is the face of Adfysio. She has been working as a physiotherapist and osteopath† In her spare time she is also interested in sports and the physical body. She already has a lot of experience with Pilates and therefore followed a professional training as a pilates instructor. Her experience as a physiotherapist and osteopath, in combination with her passion for Pilates, means that she can offer you a safe, as well as dynamic class, adapted to your specific needs.


Els learned the first principles of Pilates from an early age during her ballet and contemporary dance training. As a Pilates instructor she often gives extra information about the part of the body that is being trained, as well as giving different variations. In her classes you will learn how to challenge yourself with respect for your body and limits. Els has been practicing yoga for years and also works at Yogalife Brussels as an assistant in training new teachers. after her Hatha Yoga education, she specialized in Yin Yoga en Yoga Nidra, so she has all the tricks to balance body and mind.


Olivia has a broad interest in movement, meditation, spirituality and health. That is how she ended up at Yoga and after her studies Language and Literature and Cultural Studies she followed a yoga course in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga in Bali, led by Indian and Balinese teachers. Then in 2021 she followed a Pre and Postnatal Yoga Training at Jennifer More, inspired by Vinyasa Yoga. Now she gives the (gentle) Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga classes in Adfysio with great pleasure and dedication, with a focus on flow, listening to our body & mindfulness.


Lore is Pilates instructor since 2008. She initially integrated this into her work as a Personal Trainer, later she started taking group lessons. Now she guides people in groups and privately with meditation, mindfulness and yoga, but Pilates remains part of her offering because it is important in a broader aspect of well-being. Pilates works on the 'core', the 'powerhouse' and the posture of the body. If you have good core muscles, a proud, open attitude, this has a direct effect on how you feel and what you radiate, which in turn influences the rest of your life. The combination of Pilates, meditation and proper nutrition and exercise can bring about deep transformations in people. Pilates provides the powerful, physical core (abdomen, pelvis, back, neck) that allows you to move more correctly in daily life and in other sports. A good posture gives self-confidence, more energy and resilience, less stress and back and neck complaints, better digestion / intestinal function...


Lore puts a lot of focus on technique and has a good eye for seeing how the movement is performed by someone and how to correct it. Her instructions and guidance ensure that Pilates can best come into its own through correct teaching and practice. It is taught in smaller groups, as is best for Pilates. Be sure to ask her how to start and improve.


Lore gives the Pilates Open Level class on Saturday morning.


Small, blond and fierce, but calm on the yoga mat.
The attention for the power of the now and the recognition of her own limits, brought more balance in her life and it soon became Yoga with the big Y.


You will often hear her say "glow in the flow", her favorite phrase. The infectious glow you get is reflected in her yoga style.
Contemporary with an airy side. Down to earth.


Haar Prana Vinyasa Flow® training of 200u she followed with Nele Van Poucke (affiliate of Shiva Rea) and she is Yoga Alliance certified.
She also has her further training of 500 hours perfected at My Vinyasa Practice led by Michelle Young.
She has also completed additional training to mindfulness coach and if trainer and sports coach (Sport Vlaanderen and ADEPS (Wallonia and Brussels)).


Due to her biomedical background, she is also interested and educated in anatomy, which is important to prevent injuries and make adjustments.


Sophie gives the lessons Core Stability on Monday evening.


Kata is a yoga and pilates instructor. She likes to share her passion with her students. Creating a pleasant and warm environment during her classes is extremely important to her. Her priority is that everyone feels safe and comfortable during the poses. Kata's goal is to spread energy and vitality during her classes.

She attaches great importance to following your own pace, with respect for your own body. She makes various adjustments to the exercises, so that everyone follows their own level.


Kata gives Pilates on Saturday morning.

Sonja Vlaar

Sonja Vlaar has been teaching various fitness group classes for over 12 years. After she got cancer 8 years ago and had to take a step back, she used this time to further develop and train. That's how she is Personal trainer, Pilates instructor, Hatha Yoga teacher and Restorative Yoga teacher† Sonja continues to receive further training and continues to follow courses Mindfulness coach and Craniosacral. She is grateful for her life and all the enriching education. Thanks to Pilates, her breathing after chemo is better than before and the Yoga philosophy is an enrichment in her life.


Sonja thinks it is important that everyone can participate in her lesson and provides the necessary options for this.


Sonja will give (from soon) the Pilates Open Level on Wednesday morning.


Hanna is a clinical psychologist and yoga teacher. It stands for a healthy mind in a healthy body.
Hanna first came into contact with yoga at the age of 16. After an intensive yoga course in the summer of 2020, where she experienced the effect of yoga on both a physical and mental-emotional level, she was really bitten by the yoga itch. After this she decided to train as a yoga teacher at YogaLife in Brussels.
Hanna gives the in the summer Flow Yoga (Hatha) on Tuesdays at 19:35 PM with a focus on listening to body and mind.


Sabine has been a kindergarten teacher for the youngest toddlers in Freinet education for 10 years. She has always been fascinated by dance and movement and has also completed some training as a Jazz dance instructor for children via Bloso and followed classical ballet and modern dance in her youth. She also has a training in preschool yoga, which she often uses in her class. She is happy to teach our lesson series children's yoga this spring.


She has been involved in yoga for years: she has followed a training as a preschool yoga and she has started the Yoga Life International basic training as a yoga teacher since 2019, after which she started to delve further into Yoga Anatomy and Sadhana, a training where you can become a yoga teacher. awareness is stimulated and where you learn to feel that every day, every moment is a new beginning. Sabine teaches the online lesson Gentle Hatha.