Children's yoga

Children's yoga


Children experience a lot of stress during this time – just like adults. A children's yoga class is ideal to learn to deal with this. 

Children can relax through yoga postures (often elaborated in a yoga story), mindfulness exercises and games and soothing stories. It also promotes their self-confidence, concentration, imagination and creativity. In a children's yoga class the children can and can be themselves completely.

The motto of the lesson is therefore: nothing is necessary, everything is possible and allowed, but with respect to the other.


For each lesson, we often also work out a theme that coincides with the time of year (holidays, seasons).


Yoga for children has several benefits: increasing concentration and focus, becoming aware of the body and promoting a positive self-image, increased flexibility and muscle strength. The calming effect reduces stress and anxiety and helps to sleep better. There is also a lot of attention for healthy posture, essential in times where children often sit in a crooked position in front of a screen.


From Wednesday 21 September our children's yoga classes are starting again. Then you can visit us every Wednesday afternoon for:


13h-14h Kindergarten yoga

14h-15h Children's yoga (4th to 6th grade)

15h-16h Children's yoga (1th to 3th grade)


The first lesson on September 21 is also free! This way your child can immediately test whether it is something for them. Would you like to register your child for this one-time free lesson? Send an email to Groeplessen@adfysio.be. Please note, there are only limited places available.


How do you register your child?

You can first in our webshop purchase a single lesson, event card (5, 10 or 20 sessions) or subscription. You can then register your child for classes.

The lessons will be online around mid-August, from then on you can also register your child. So your child does not have to commit to the whole series; you can see from week to week if it fits and choose when he or she comes to the yoga class!


Classes do not take place during school holidays.


Any questions? Please send us an email to Groeplessen@adfysio.be and we will be happy to help you.