Children's yoga & parent-toddler yoga

Why children's yoga?


Children experience a lot of stress during this time – just like adults. A children's yoga class is ideal to learn to deal with this.

A child can relax by means of yoga postures (often elaborated in a yoga story), mindfulness exercises and games and soothing stories. It also promotes their self-confidence, concentration, imagination and creativity. In a children's yoga class, the children can and can be themselves.

The motto of the lesson is therefore: nothing is necessary, everything is possible and allowed, but with respect to the other.


For each lesson, we often also work out a theme that coincides with the time of year (holidays, seasons).


The advantages


Yoga for children has several benefits:

  • increase concentration and focus
  • becoming aware of the body and promoting a positive self-image
  • increased flexibility and muscle strength
  • the calming effect reduces stress and anxiety and helps to sleep better
  • a lot of attention for a healthy posture, essential in times where children often sit in a crooked position in front of a screen


Why parent-child yoga?

During yoga, both the parent and the child come into contact with each other and with themselves in a pleasant way. Parent and child experience a pleasant moment together during breathing exercises, yoga postures in pairs, massages, yoga games and relaxation moments.


The advantages

  • all the benefits of children's yoga (see above)
  • an intimate bond grows from heart to heart between the two, from which love and respect arise towards each other. Parent and child learn in a playful way how to keep their bodies flexible and fit.
  • parent-child yoga is a moment full of pampering, recharging of energy, joy, silence, warmth and nurturing….
  • the parent learns the personal development of his/her child, both physically and emotionally and learns to deal with this positively.
  • parent-child yoga is not performance-oriented but a playful moment where both experience that they are just allowed are who they are!


What parents themselves say why they participate in parent-child yoga:


  • difficult to experience a quality time moment at home, something always comes in between
  • we don't have to think of/prepare anything ourselves
  • family with several children where mom or dad alternately participates with one child to be able to give extra personal attention
  • inspiration to do at home afterwards
  • child does not dare to come to yoga class alone
  • parents who practice yoga themselves want to share their passion with their child
  • parents want to experience and know what their children learn in yoga class
  • ...


Our lessons


Every Wednesday afternoon, except during school holidays:

  • 14 pm-15 pm: Children's yoga (1st to 6th grade)
  • 15pm-16pm: Parent-child yoga (infant age)


How do you register?

You can first in our webshop purchase a separate lesson, event card (5, 10 or 20 sessions) or subscription. You can then register your child for classes. It is 1 reservation per child. A parent does not have to register separately for the parent-toddler yoga. By the way, your child doesn't have to commit to a whole series of yoga classes; you can see from week to week whether it is appropriate to come to the yoga class.


All classes take place in the Kessel-Lo Sports Complex (Stadionlaan, 4) in Room A.


Any questions? Feel free to send us an email to group lessons@adfysio.be and we are happy to help you.